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Bay Areas Professional Solution for
Solar Panel Cleaning 



Did You Know That Dirty Solar Panels

Can Lose As Much As 25 Percent Of Their Efficiency Without Routine Cleaning?

Solar panel cleaning will help maintain the efficiency of your solar system and help with your energy bill savings. Having your solar panels cleaned regularly will ensure long term reliability and consistent dollar savings. Porter Solar Solutions will  help maintain your solar investment and keep your solar panels performing at their peak efficiency.

Proper solar panel maintenance ensures your investment stands the test of time. With our complete home and business care solutions, you can have the worry free piece of mind that you are maximizing your return on investment. 

What is Porter Solar Solutions Cleaning Method?

 We only use Pure Water using a 3 stage filtration system.

Solar panels have an anti-reflective coating that helps prevent photons from reflecting or bouncing off the glass, allowing for more photon absorption. This anti-reflective coating can be etched or removed with harsh chemicals or poor cleaning practices, reducing the overall system efficiency and energy production over the lifetime of the solar system. For this reason, we use Pure Water only. Protecting this anti-reflective coating will ensure long term consistent solar production and minimize degradation of your solar investment over time.


Our Services

Porter Solar Solutions is dedicated to offering unparalleled professionalism and amazing customer service for our clients. 

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Starting From:


Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Removal
Skylight Cleaning

Maximize your solar system production by having us clean your solar system routinely.

Replacing your roof and need your solar system removed?

Let us help. 

Skylight cleaning rarely happens because it is typically out of reach. Have us help let more light into your life. 

Solar Consulting

Unsure about what's involved  when adding solar or energy storage? Lean on our experience to offer expert advice.

Solar Performance Monitoring

Allow us to actively monitor your solar system so you don't have too.

Physical System Inspections

Solar inspections are a great way to ensure your solar system is in good physical shape.

Roof Vent and Conduit Painting
Roof Vent Cleaning

Faded or unpainted vents and conduits can dramatically effect your homes aesthetics.  We can help by painting unappealing roof obstructions.

Dryer vents can often get clogged and lead to potential fires. Have us ensure your vents are all clear.

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